Smiles Prepare You to See Blessings

Did YOU know that…

In 1963, Harvey R. Ball, co-owner of a public relations firm, created the smiley to help improve the morale of workers within a recently merged insurance company. The original design was yet to become famous but Mr. Ball never applied for a trademark or copyright. He received a total of $240 for the entire smiley campaign.

Smiles Prepare You to See a Blessing

A Few Years Ago, I Was Impacted by the POWER of a Smile.  

While at our small-town bank one day,  this business lady come in with her money-bag and slapped it down on the counter. You could clearly see she was in a hurry and wasn’t in the mood for any chit-chat.

The cashier, who had previously been happy & smiling as the customers came in – suddenly had a whole attitude change. Her posture changed. Her smile turned serious, totally gone was her welcoming smile. The transaction was made and the oblivious lady left the building. 

As the line progressed to the counter, it took many hello’s & how are you’s before the cashier’s previous friendliness was back. I never forgot that day.

I’d heard all the clichés like,

  • “Smile and the world smiles with you.” 
  • “She’s such a pretty girl, if only she’d smile.” 

But I’d never understood how powerful a smile can actually be and and the power it had to change the atmosphere of a whole room.

One day, I decided to test this theory. I was in the supermarket paying for my groceries and noticed that the lady working the cash was not very friendly. She had an “I don’t care” attitude and mostly nodded or ignored people talking to her. She seemed to be in her own little world and had a crappy attitude. In an instant, I had a memory of the lady at the bank. Interesting, I thought…  So I experimented.

When it was my turn to pay, I looked at her with my brightest smile and said hello. She nodded back at me and kept on doing her job. I just stood there and let a few minutes go by. Then I looked her straight in the eye and said, “You look tired. Have you had a long day?”

Simple words. Nothing so wise.

She lifted up her head and for the first time looked at me. “Yes, she replied. It has been a long day. I’m presently going through something that has me really worried and I’m not sleeping very well…”

Without missing a beat, I put my hand on her arm and replied, “I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time right now. It’s not always easy, is it?” She looked at me and with eyes full of tears said, “No… thanks for caring.” Then, she smiled at me.

As I left the store, I looked back and there she stood chatting with a new customer. Her posture had changed and she was standing tall. Something had changed.

There’s a song that hints about how we’ll never know the impact we’ve had in people’s lives, this side of heaven.  

How one day, we’ll stand in the presence of our Savior when SUDDENLY!

An army of people will come to meet us…

Smiles Prepare You to See Blessings SAYING: 

  • You smiled at me that day I was discouraged. I left with a kick in my step. Thank you.
  • Words of hope on that card you sent, arrived for me the day I couldn’t get out of bed. Thank you.
  • The encouraging words you gave me at church on that small piece of paper were just what I needed to hear when my daughter was sick. Thank you.
  • I listened to that song you shared. “This too shall pass,” it said. Thank you.
  • I smiled when you called to congratulate us on our new puppy. Thank you.
  • I used that 20$ to buy school lunches for my little boys. Thank you.
  • I never forgot the day my baby was sick & you drove us to the hospital. You even paid the gas. Thank you.
  • My friend shared a letter you wrote her on keeping your head up in troubled times. It lifted me. Thank you.
  • I heard the conversation when you had with your daughter about Jesus at the restaurant. It peaked my interest in God. Thank you.
  • I saw you when you paid for my lunch that day I left my wallet at home. Thank you.
  • I never told you I wanted to end my life that night you called at 12 am because you had me on your heart. Thank you for calling me.
  • At my husband’s funeral, you took me in your arms and just cried with me. I knew you loved me. Thank you.
  • At Christmas, my kids always had gifts.  I knew you were the Santa who left those packages. Thank you.
  • While everyone was busy chatting away, you saw me on the sidelines by myself. I was so shy! Thank you for spending time with me.
  • When I broke my leg, you were always there for me. Thank you.
  • You gave me your beautiful purse… just because I admired it. Thank you.
  • Every day for 1 month, you came and prayed with me when I didn’t have the strength to do it myself. Thank you.
  • You knew my family didn’t have anything to eat that night you brought over that casserole & cookies. Thank you.

That day at the bank was an “Ah Ha!” moment for me. I got it. And I’ve been noticing people ever since. You see, we learn stuff all the time. That’s knowledge. The real learning comes from the doing. In ACTIONS. That’s where the blessings and rewards come from. That’s where the wonders begins.


  • Look people in the eye.
  • Give a gentle touch.
  • Take time to give a hug.
  • A bright smile.
  • A listening ear.

Don’t be like the masses who throw a “how are you, today?” at you, then keep on going without waiting for your answer. I’ve had those…

Your life will be enriched when YOU reach out and touch someone.  Today.

Smiles Prepare You to See Blessings.


Norma Bourque Niles