Remembering | Honoring Denai Downs Vaughn

At 2 am, I was ready to retire for the day. After a long day of working diligently in my home office, I was tired & looking forward to stretching and relaxing with a good book. But wait, I thought to myself. Just before I go, let me have a peek at my facebook for the latest news. And that’s when I saw it….

Remembering | Honoring Denai Downs Vaughn

Dear friends – it is with great sorrow that I write this. My dear friend, Denai Downs Vaughn, lost her life in a tragic auto accident about 4 hours ago. Those who knew Denai know how much she loved life. She was so passionate about family, friends and faith. We have truly lost an incredible woman and heaven has gained an angel. I spoke with her father and he asked that we all pray for Tim and Victoria (Tori). I have no words. Rest in peace sweet Denai. You will be missed.

Oh God… How Can This Be?

No!  Not Denai…   How could this woman of God, serving him so faithfully be gone?  Denai who lived life “OUT LOUD?”  This bundle of energy, the Woohoo Girl…   Well, no sleep for me on this night – I spent the rest of the night reading her latest posts, looking at her pictures and videos. Remembering…

We Skyped For The Last Time About 3 Months Ago.  

We had fun, we both couldn’t sleep and we chatted long into the night about our goals, our dreams, our faith. I can still hear her soft giggle as we clowned around.  Such a precious memory.

You see, I got to know Denai one faithful night when my facebook had gone awry.  She noticed and sent me an inbox to see if I could use her help.  That was Denai. Always reaching out.  That night, we became friends.  

I worked with Denai for 6 months on one of her projects, The Royal Networker, The Elite Networker & The Protege Club.  We got to know each other really well as we skyped and sent each other messages. What a beautiful person she was.

Denai Was HONORED To Be Nominated On October 25th as

America’s Most Influential Business Connector for 2nd YR In A Row

Remembering | Honoring Denai Downs VaughnDenai Wore Many Hats:

  1. The NETWORKING Queen / Savvy Entrepreneur / The Woohoo Girl
  2. Host of Excellence Worx /  Only 3 Degrees / Blog Talk Radio
  3. The Royal Networker / The PROTEGE Club
  4. Thrive with 5 / iFBtv Network / RAW Woman Tv
  5. Author, Weak Brands Promise, Strong Brands Deliver
  6. Public Speaker / Influencer / Teacher
  7. Friend / Daughter / Mother / Wife
  8. Follower of Jesus
  9. Her presence was felt all over the net…

“You’ve got options,  but there is only one BEST option. Know what that is?

Watch and Discover.

~ Denai Vaughn”

Denai Recorded This Video, Outlive Your Life on November 7, 2010

We aren’t promised tomorrow, but we do have today. How will YOU make today more meaningful and purpose-filled?

Who needs to hear you say that you care through a phone call, text, email, video, or visit?

Don’t wait for a wedding or funeral. Do it TODAY.  

~ Denai Vaughn

Remembering | Honoring Denai Downs Vaughn Grief – Loss of a Spouse, Parent or Child

And here is her last recording on Excellence Worx,  wrapped up a couple of  hours before her death.  So prophetic…

Listen to internet radio with Excellence Worx on Blog Talk Radio

That was my friend Denai.  She had heart and she had faith. She loved life, she loved her family and she loved God. She knew her purpose and lived life to the fullest. She was loved all around the world. Always full of big visions, full of big dreams.  Sharing. Taking action. She was the Royal Networker & the NETWORKING Queen.

Denai was & will continue to be an incredible light in the world. I am forever changed for having known her. My heartfelt sympathies to her husband Tim, and her daughter, Victoria (Tori). Please continue to share her videos and her message. She lived a life that definitely outlived her life and we can all learn a huge lesson from her.

♥ Denai, Love You My Sweet Friend!

Until We Reconnect One Day In Heaven…

Remembering | Honoring Denai Downs Vaughn

  • Do more. Be more. Achieve more. YOU ARE WORTH IT! ~ Denai Vaughn
  • My definition of “WOOHOO” : Winning Others Over, Helping Others Out ~ Denai Vaughn
  • May you have a “WOOHOO!!!” day. YOU ARE WORTH IT! ~ Denai Vaughn
  • ‎I choose not to waste time on negativity & close-mindedness. There’s too many optimistic & like-minded people I desire to connect with. ~ Denai Vaughn

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